Javanese musicians

Javanese musicians. Indonesia is one country that has the art of numerous cultures. one amongst them is of Javanese culture. Javanese culture is renowned and recognized by different nations as high culture and teachings contain several chic to make character, noble character and morals.

Javanese culture is incredibly numerous, one among whom could be a musical art. This musical art is one example of ancient art that could be a business quality therefore valuable that we want to take care of and preserve. within the musical art is that the part of patience, simplicity, familiarity, however conjointly dynamic. this is often a mirror of the temperament of our community and supply a way of fine for society, and in that is contained a philosophy that provides intending to our lives everyday.

Globalization and technological progress is extremely fast communication considerably have an effect on the less curious about the art of Javanese culture, together with musical art. Current musical art as less demand, particularly the younger generation.

If this condition is left, then worry regarding obtaining recent musical art can more and more scoured and marginalized by the trendy cultures and even foreign culture.

We as a nation next generation ought to be ready to take care of and preserve ancient arts and cultural heritage thus as to not become extinct, disappear engulfed by the event of this contemporary era by method of knowing, experiencing, feeling and ultimately might love Javanese culture, notably the musical arts. This effort is a method to stay the musical arts that also exist as a part of the Javanese cultural.

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