Natural Ways to Moisturize Skin For Teens

Natural Ways to Moisturize Skin For Teens. Adolescence is time for the body to develop optimally. During this period, a lot of the growth hormone is high enough, so sometimes makes the body undergoes an imbalance. Not infrequently, the teenagers experienced a change in the area of the face and body shape. That is why many are looking for natural ways moisturize references dry skin because of the imbalance.

Because the result is less than the maximum and instantly, many teens are entangled in cosmetic or chemical treatment. If used in the long term, as this product can cause skin irritation because adolescents are still developing. Better use of natural materials, such as some of the following ingredients:

Natural Ways to Moisturize Skin face with Oatmeal

In addition as a substitute for rice that produces enough energy for the body, it turns oatmeal is also good for moisturizing the skin. How to create a mask that is useful for moisturizing the skin. In addition, this natural mask can be an alternative way of moisturizing dry skin due to sun exposure and dust.

How to naturally moisturize facial skin using a very simple oatmeal. Perform the following steps:

Prepare smooth oatmeal. If still in the form of cereals, better puree first, 3 teaspoons of milk cream, 1 tablespoon of almond oil.
Mix these three ingredients together, then stir until the dough like pasta.
Let stand for a few moments, you should store in the refrigerator.
Previous wash face with cold water, drain and spread to the rest of the face mask, try to evenly but try to give a little thick in some places yag too dry.
Allow the mask face with approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Wipe with a cloth and warm water, try to avoid family a lot of room for a few hours so that the way could be absorbed perfectly moisturize the face.

How to Moisturize Skin with Honey

Of course we already know a lot of the benefits of honey. One is as a way to moisturize the skin. This material has been used for generations by our ancestors. Honey is not something new as a way moisturize dry facial skin due to sun exposure.

How to naturally moisturize the face with enough honey to make a facial mask, you need pure honey to it. Before starting the way moisturize skin with honey, wash the face first, then apply evenly to the face. Let stand for about 20 minutes, then wipe with a washcloth and warm water.

Some masks with natural ingredients is very good for the face as a natural way to moisturize the skin of the face. Preferably, do this treatment at least two times a week. To avoid skin dull, dry and seemed not shine, it helps you to undergo treatment with a mask before showering afternoon or at night, and try not to leave the room or exposed to the sun a few hours after treatment.

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