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Automotive HR Job Advice Writing CV s and Interview Advice

To guarantee they get past your first page  and consider you for an interview, you must demonstrate very early in the CV  that you have the experience, qualifications, training and skills required to  meet their expectations.
The guidelines below should help you to  think about what information you will need to include in your CV to make it to  interview stage. Basic  Structure - Ideally your CV will be  between 1 to 3 pages long and should include the following:

Personal Details

Do not go  into too much detail, keep the information concise and leave enough contact  details so that you can be contacted at all times.  If you do have access to email at home or  work this is usually the preferred method of contact so ensure you enclose your  Email address if you have one.

Automotive HR Job Advice Writing CV s and Interview Advice

Top Interview Advice

The main aim of any interview is to receive  a job offer at the end of it!  If you  have presented your CV in the correct manner, the interviewer will be aware of  your skills and experience and will therefore be interested in how you sell yourself  as a person.

This is your opportunity to  expose your personality and convince the interviewer that you are the right  person for that job.Preparation  for the interviewEnsure you have the correct  date, time and       address of the interview. Do some research on the company, try the internet, or get some literature       sent to you Think about the interview before you attend, and the type of questions you may be askedDress appropriately, if you are going straight from work advise your consultant and they will clear this with the prospective employer before you attend your interview.

Punctuality is one of the most important things you can do to show yourself in a favourable light.  If you cannot attend the interview or have been delayed inform your consultant immediately. Prepare a list of questions (Five would be about right) and show interest in what the prospective employer is telling you about their business Takea copy of your CV with you, just in case another one is required.

Greet reception staff with friendliness and warmth  ( we know of one car dealership who checks with their reception staff to see how they were treated by the person attending interview)The  Interview ProcessFirm handshake and big smile, keep smiling throughout the interview as no-one wants to employ someone who looks miserable.

Be enthusiastic and keep eye contact, the decision on whether the interviewer likes you are usually made within  approximately three minutes. But this  doesn’t mean you can relax after that….Speak clearly and confidently, and listen  carefully to the questions that you will be asked.

If you do not understand a question or did  not hear the question fully do not be afraid to ask them to repeat the questionLet them see that you are very interested  in this job and that it means a lot to you and your futureShake hands at the end of the interview and  tell them you are very interested in the job and look forward to hearing back  from them soonQuestions  you can ask at your interview.

At  all interviews the prospective employer will nearly always ask if you have any  questions?Occasionally they may have covered every  eventuality, and if that is the case you can say that “no I believe you have  answered any questions I might have raised”, so thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

If they have not covered everything then you can look at the questions  you have prepared and go through them with the interviewer, here are a few  examples of what you can ask:
  • What are the principle responsibilities of the job?
  • What is the reporting line?
  • How many people would there be in my department?
  • Why is there a vacancy available in the department?
  • What training programmes / courses are available?
  • What are the promotional prospects?
  • When will I hear back from you?

Things  you don’t  do at your  interview 

There are obviously do’s and  don'ts at an interview, however some people still do some of the following at  interview, and then wonder why they were not successful.
  • Do not interrupt the person who is holding the interview & do not talk  over them either.
  • Do not run down the company or previous companies you have worked for.
  • Do not make unnecessary remarks about existing work colleagues or bosses.
  • Do not look out of the window or at the ground for the duration of the interview – make eye contact. Do not arrive late, but if you do have a good reason and apologise immediately stressing this is not the norm.
  • Do not be rude or indifferent to Reception staff.
  • Do not go on and on about what is the salary, holidays, sick pay etcTopLinks & Resources 

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