Best Buying Used Car Tips

Once you have decided to buy a used car, the next thing youre probably going to look for are buying used car tips, which you can actually use. The price of new cars depreciate fairly quickly – from the moment a new car leaves its lot, its price could go down to a quick five percent and perhaps even more, and it is for this reason that buying used cars over new ones actually makes sense.

Some buying used car tips you could use include the following:
1. Get a used car that has a mileage of 35,000 or less. The best buy when it comes to used cars are ones that are at most three years old and have been used at this rate. If the car is reportedly only three years old, but has a mileage of over 40,000 km, then consider the possibility that the car was actually driven hard or was used for other purposes, like retail or business. The average annual mileage of a vehicle is just about 10,000 km per year.

2. Know your dealer / private seller. You need to do your research. Dont jump into buying a car from the first person you get to talk to. Ensure that you are buying from a trustworthy seller. Compare prices as well as deals.

Best Buying Used Car Tips

3. Check the cars bodywork, but do not stop there. The most noticeable feature of cars are what people see on the outside. While it is important that the exterior looks good, check out the interior as well as the engine and see if the car is still in good condition.

4. Check for collision damages. If you find any type of damage on the car, make sure that you use this to your advantage. You can get a better discount by pointing out the flaws of the car and reasonably so when there are other repairs that have to be made.

5. Inspect the odometer. Look at the cars odometer closely. If the numbers are no longer in line, then there is a possibility that the stats may have been altered. The cars overall condition should somehow reflect its mileage. Its not a very good sign if you see that the break pedal is quite worn out because this is a sign of high mileage.

6. Test drive the car. You need to drive the car so you get to know whether or not the engine still works pretty well. Get a feel of the transmission, listen for noise or screeches.

Remember that its better to take someone who is knowledgeable with cars along with you before you make your purchase. This way you have a better chance of inspecting the car more thoroughly, including things like the tires, the color of the smoke from the exhaust and even the authenticity of the papers.

If you wish to trade in your old car, mention it only once you have asked for a discount for the one that you plan to buy. Hopefully, these buying used car tips will come handy once youve decided to buy your car.

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