5 Biggest Regret Women Throughout Life

5 Biggest Regret Women Throughout Life. There is an old saying: “Regret always comes late.”. Regret is a part of our lives as human beings. Each man will arrive at a point when he realized there were not achieved, or there is one thing that should have been done long ago but not done. At the end of regret will be felt very bitter, and many say, “If the time can be played back ..”

Unfortunately, time can not regret diulang.Dari many experienced man, these five biggest regret them. Read it wisely, so that you have a picture of regrets are often present in everyday life. 5 Hopefully this will not be the remorse that makes you want to turn back the clock.

Regret Not Telling Got Love

Every human being has the right to know that he is loved, unfortunately sometimes shame, pride and ego makes a person does not want to reveal his love. This love is not only between two human beings, but also the love of a child to a parent, brother to sister, friend to friend, and so on. Trust me, it feels very sick remorse when someone’s gone forever.

So while you are still given the opportunity to live, say the people you love how much you love them, how much their presence means so much to you. If the words were hard spoken, write on a piece of paper. Not hard not to hug and kiss people you love while you can. Have today you say love of the mother, father, husband and your children?

Ignoring Health Since Young

It is heartbreaking of contemporary humans is the desire to work and work to generate a lot of money regardless of his health. Indiscriminate eating, stress little direct smoking, often staying up late, and so on. But when he already had a lot of money, health backfire and ultimately money that was collected was spent to regain his health.

So start now watch what you eat, with whom you spend time and whether you sleep enough every day. Think of your old age, are present in your child marriage and playing with grandchildren can be a motivation to stay healthy. Got home or jewelry as an investment is not wrong, but your greatest treasure is health.

Working Too Hard But ..

Work hard to produce the purse money is not wrong, the dream of buying a home for the elderly or the pilgrimage parents is a noble thing. But do not let the good dreams make us forget the time and just ignore the elderly. Sometimes too energetically makes one indifferent and oblivious to the people who always supported and prayed.

Inhale moment and take time for the people you care. Sometimes your presence is so anticipated much of the material exceeds any you can share. Sometimes you hear a voice ask, “Mother how are you?” more reassuring than a pile of material. Then start to balance your life. Life is not just about how much material you want to achieve, but with whom you will enjoy it.

Leaving Friend Yang Tulus

In this life, there will be many people coming and going. However sincere friends who will never go out of your life. They are the ones who are always there when you are happy and hard. Unfortunately, many people are actually leaving friends genuine after coming new friends and cool even on my level. While long considered uncool friend and has been inappropriate for you.

Remember these words:

When you are in a state prosperous and rich, your friends know who you are. But when you are in poor condition and miserable, you know who your friends are.

Many stories that the presence of new people often only utilize one’s fame or material. But when it came time of trouble comes, the person who is considered a friend is actually gone. Precisely old friends that you left behind, they are still back at you, even though you had to care tinggalkan.Jadi friends who are sincere present in your life. Not a friend who just ‘same level’ with you.

Dissent On Parents

When a person feels grown up, often counsel and waffle parents ignored. Sometimes children feel “I’ve already big, love-love I want to do,” when parents have more experience. While it is, sometimes the parents want it and it is not in accordance with conscience. The way to address this is to sit together, chatting. For parents it is necessary to learn and believe that his decision can be justified. And of the children, talk together better than argue as he left.

Often there are events that make a child stumble decision so very sorry and returned to her parents. In fact there are children who really feel regret that after his parents had died. Quite often regret it makes cuts in life. So while you can still discuss many well with parents, sit down together.

Oh, and one more, fiddling with the smartphone is fun, but think about this: how much time you waste smartphones and social media to finally ignore the parents? Hopefully this article can make you realize there are many things to be thankful today. Regret always comes late, it forbid it while you can.

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