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5 unique things that happen during sleep

5 Juni 2015 | Health

5 unique things that happen during sleep. People who have difficulty sleeping or not sleeping at all can suffer mental and physical problems. Therefore, sleep is essential to restore the health of the body. Here are some interesting things you need to know about sleep.

1. The eyes move
There are five stages that occur in the eye movements while you sleep. In the fifth stage, rapid eye movement will become. During this stage, you will dream and deep sleep.

2. Paralyzed
Did you ever dream you’re walking or doing other body movements? However, in reality you can not move your body at all during sleep, because the body is in a state of paralysis. This happens to prevent movement when you create your dream. Paralysis is normal and happens to everyone who was sleeping soundly.

3. Kidney
Kidneys work all day to remove toxins from the blood and produce urine. However, at night, kidney function slows down so you do not feel the urge to urinate after you sleep.

4. Growth hormone
When you are in deep sleep, your body produces growth hormone. The hormone helps in the growth of muscle and bone, when you are young. As you mature, the hormone that helps in the repair of body cells.

5. Can aroused
Feel aroused during sleep is a normal situation. It will occur in both women want any man. A study showed that this condition occurs to prevent the body goes into conditions such as coma. When you feel aroused, you can quickly wake from sleep. So, keep your brain connects you with the real world while sleeping. It is one of the amazing facts about sleep.

Here are five interesting facts about sleep that you need to know.

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