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Bali was Nyepi

21 Maret 2015 | Info

Bali was Nyepi. Why March 21, 2015 public holidays to the people of Indonesia? Since this day of nyepi. Today Hindus in Bali carried out penyepian in the framework of the new year of Saka 1937. One of Bali’s famous beaches are Kuta Beach which is usually crowded visitors, today deserted and empty. All residents and guests staying in the hotel area of Kuta Beach are not allowed out of the hotel.

“Shouldn’t come out Yes. Sign in-sign in, guest sign in. Nyepi is also the baseball page in may, “said one guest who knows the Pecalang hotel is on the front page of the hotel, Kuta, Bali.

Pecalang or custom security officers indeed since morning did a travelling control along the coastal areas. The control is done to remind the hotels that possibility still light the lamp light that is visible from the highway.

All lodging Kuta Beach looks deserted. There is no one person who is hanging out at the beach. Appear to be dozens of items belonging to traders on the coast wrapped neatly with a tarp to keep safe from loss.

Implementation Of Nyepi

Balinese Hindus perform “Brata Penyian” should do four things, i.e. “Amati Geni” i.e. not light the lamp, observe Work IE not doing work activities, “AmatiĀ Lelungan” IE not doing traveling and “AmatiĀ Lelanguan” IE not entertainment activities.


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