Benefits of lemon for the body

Benefits of lemon for the body. Lemon is included in the family Rutacea with the latin name of Citrus limon. Many people assume that the same lemon with lemon. Of course different. Lemon yellow skin and have a lime green colored skin has. However, both have great benefits for the health of the body.

Lemon has a high vitamin C content, it also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, folic acid, iron, calcium, sugar, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, protein, carbohydrates and fat.
Benefits of lemon for the body

Here we provide some of the benefits of lemon for the health of your body:

1. Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth
Proven lemon can help reduce the pain of a toothache, it can be used to whiten teeth, remove bad breath as well as curing gingivitis. Here’s how: lemon blended into juice and then drink fresh lemon juice on a regular basis.

2. Lose weight
Lemon juice is added to pure honey can be trusted to lose weight. Have a drink on a regular basis on the morning

3. Improve the immune system
The high content of vitamin C and antioxidant substances content in the fruit of the lemon was able to boost the immune system in the body. In addition the content of flavanoid also able to fight the virus and make the body stay healthy. If you are unwell, drink a glass of warm water that has been mixed with lemon and honey. Lemon water is safe for consumption even though your stomach is empty.

4. Launch the digestive
Lemon juice is able to cleanse the kidneys, waging a pee, overcome constipation, digestion, improve the production launch of the enzyme as well as producing useful proteins cleans the digestive tract are clogged. Consumption of lemon water in the morning so that your digestive tract smoothly again.

5. Launch the respiratory
For those of you who are having respiratory disorders, such as asthma or cough, consumption of warm lemon water in the morning on a regular basis.

6. Cope with nausea
If you are experiencing nausea, drink warm lemon juice combined with honey.

7. maintaining the health hearts
Lemon juice, which contains much potassium can cure diseases liver disorders or biliousness which these diseases cause dizziness bias, vomiting, constipation and lost appetite. Lemon juice can also relieve fevers due to malaria and can be eroded the gallstones.

8. The fight against cancer
Lemon has the capability of 1000 times better than chemotherapy in the fight against cancer. Therefore routinely consume a lemon.

9. Treat strep throat
An infected throat can lead to inflammation and cause pain when used to swallowing food. Usually these symptoms are accompanied by fever and cough. Lemon was able to overcome the pain in the throat, do I simply gargle using lemon juice on a regular basis.

10. Lower high blood pressure
Lemon juice proves to be able to cope with disorders of the heart and blood pressure.

11. Dispose of toxins in the body
Content of citric acid in lemon is able to stimulate the liver organ work, so capable of eroded the toxins in the body. These toxins are expelled through urination.

12. Anti free radicals
Lemons are rich in vitamin C and contains antioxidants, so it can help the body in fighting free radicals. Lemon also has antibacterial properties that can help to reduce the incidence of facial acne.

13. To treat intestinal worms
Drink water, juice of lemon to get rid of worms in the body.

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