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Benefits of Using Hijab For Muslim Women

6 Juni 2015 | Health

Benefits of Using Hijab For Muslim Women. The benefits of using the veil aside close to God will also be close to the inner net. Hijab is an obligation for every Muslim in the world, because the hijab is one of the Sunnah Rasullullah SAW. and the religious laws that must be implemented.

In the present era, more and more women use the veil without knowing the benefits of using the veil itself. Most of them only know that it is recommended for women use the veil to cover her nakedness and stay away from all sin.

But do you know the woman? Not just for that alone we wear veils. In addition to increasing the faith of a Muslim, hijab also has other benefits. Here are the benefits of using the veil to health and of course also in deepening religious teachings.

1. Comply Religious Orders

Veiling is one of the Sunnah Rasullullah SAW in the teachings of Islam, meaning that when using the veil we have done one sunnah Rasullullah and draw closer to Him.

2. Avoid the temptation to sassy and disrespectful
With veiled Muslim women will think 100X to be sassy or disrespectful because the moral burden that it entailed. For Muslim women who are serious in using the veil, we can be sure this action as much as possible avoided.

3. Male will feel reluctant to disturb / tease you
Believe it or not this is the benefit of using the veil is not realized, but surveys have shown that men tend to be reluctant to tempt perembuan who use the veil.

4. Covering Awrat
Of course this is the basic benefits to be derived a woman who uses the veil in daily life. By using your veil will cover the entire genitalia were not allowed to see anyone but her husband. Examples are kekukan chest and thigh.

5. Prevent sunburn
Strong sunlight will lead to a variety of hair and scalp problems that may have serious consequences for you. By using veil then you will be protected from such problems, which means no need to use additional head cover again.

6. Prevent Skin Cancer
Wow .. that is your minds definitely “what do veil with cancer”? You should know wearing tight clothing plus exposed to sunlight for long periods will cause skin cancer milanoma. Veiled women definitely have loose clothing and definitely avoid this danger.

7. Maintain healthy hair
Sunlight, Depu, pollution and free radicals contained in the air can lead to serious problems for the hair. Call it dandruff, hair loss, split ends, and a variety of other complaints that can be fixed by using the veil. Dust and pollution is the main cause of hair problems, using the veil is one practical solution.

8. Educate to behave well
Using the headscarf is not only revealing but also to maintain the view of a Muslim to keep better behave according to the rules of religion. Which meant keeping the view here is how women keep their moral not to do anything outside the law of Islam. Although many say that the hijab is not a guarantee in one’s behavior, but if someone has had the intention berhijap, then he would strive to live the religious orders.

9. Covering hair problems
Indirectly, if you have problems with hair then you can be helped, especially in terms of people’s views about the use of the veil. Of course the problem will not interfere with or make you feel inferior.

10. Reduce the cost of hair care
Ok outside of the above, one thing we can not be evaded is the cost of hair care is minimal for veiled women. Call it rebonding, smoothing, and creambath which cost quite high, but if you are veiled, it is not necessary to pay this.

11. Breastfeeding? Giving ation in public places with ease
Consciously or not if you use a veil properly, at least you can give freely ation urgent public places. Hijab will automatically be able to use in covering the baby while drinking ation.

12. Job opportunities
Indirectly, you have helped to create jobs for the fashion industry, especially small industry that produces the veil. Industry hijab today is extremely rapid development, of our contribution as women who wear Hijab should be appreciated in helping a user.

13. Pretty hijab
women wear veils Seen cantikAda many women look very graceful when using the veil in kesehariannnya, the development of modern hijab in various forms is also very supportive of this.

Hijab can support various types of advance either round, oval, or rather terms to look beautiful and charming.

Besides beautiful in itself, not a few men who crave women who wear veils. Many men surveyed said that one of the criteria to be married to a wife who later was the use of the veil. It’s indeed remarkable benefits of this veil of various aspects of life.

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