Deadly types of cancer

Types of cancer. Cancer to become one of the deadliest diseases in the world other than the heart. This cancer is also most feared by humans. Cancer occurs due to the mutated cell DNA then when a cell divides, the DNA is copied into the damaged cells that are new. Then spread and form a cancer or tumor. These cancer cells reproduce faster than other cells because his life span is pretty short.

Deadly types of cancer

Below are the types of cancer most kill and turned off :
1. Lung cancer
The main cause of this cancer is smoking. The average of this cancer attack the man at age 55 – 65 years. There are two types of this type of cancer, which is cancer small cell and non-small cell.

2. Cancer of the colon and rectum
This cancer occurs in the large intestine (the final part of the digestive system). Rectum cancer grows at the end of the large intestine.

The symptoms of this cancer are various depending on the position of the tumour. The most prominent symptom is a tumor that is near the anus. This will cause major changes in bowel habits exist, i.e., constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal, and waste water cannot completely.

This type of cancer generally suffered by people with age above 60 or 70 years. For over 50 years of age who are suffering from is usually due to a factor of.

3. Breast cancer
Breast cancer ranks second to many types of cancer upon women. However, it does not cover the possibility of men also suffered from this cancer.

The most common symptoms are often perceived is the existence of a lump in the breast. Another symptom is the change in the size, shape or texture of the breast and of the putting, as well as the appearance of white spots in the breast.

4. Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer of the pancreas is difficult to detect because the symptoms are difficult to spot and too general. This type of cancer was ranked into four deadly cancer.

The symptoms that arise include jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), loss of appetite, weight loss, pain in the abdomen, diabetes, depression, and blood clots in the blood vessels.

The main factor is the existence of pancreas cancer-causing factor lineage and age. For ages, usually at the age of 60 years and above

5. Prostate cancer
This kind of cancer her by men, since the prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. The symptoms that arise such as difficulty urinating, pain urinating, difficult ejaculation, hematuria (blood in the urine appears), impotence, etc. Genetic factors are also a cause of the emergence of this type of cancer.

6. Leukemia
Leukemia occurs due to the production of white blood cells in the body are excessive and uncontrolled blood so that the function being disrupted. A malignant cancer cells flows follow the flow of the blood and move to other organs, and then multiply and divide.

Common symptoms of leukemia sufferers is the fever in a long time, the weakened condition of the body, vomiting, aching joints and bones, infections and bleeding.

7. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer derived from lymphocytes. There are two types of lymphoma, lymphoma and Lymphoma Hodhkin i.e. the non Hodgkin’s. There is some factor which becomes the cause of the development of lymphoma, namely HIV, HTLV-1 virus, Epstein Barr virus (EBV) virus and HHV-8. Another factor is the existence of genetic abnormalities (Wiscott Aldrich Syndrome) as well as carcinogens that are present in the environment.

8. The liver and bile duct Cancer
Liver cancer is the fifth type of cancer afflicting men and ranked seven types of cancer afflicting women. The main causes of liver cancer is chronic hepatitis B infection, hepatitis C and the consumption of excessive alcohol.

To detect this cancer screening process can be carried out. This process involves a blood test for Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) every 3-6 months, as well as ultrasound scans of the liver every 6-12 months.

9. Ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer ranks second to the type of cancer that attacks the female reproductive apparatus. The cause of this cancer is advanced in age, pregnancy during menopause, late menstrual cycle dating dating early, have a history of breast cancer, endometriosis, and genetic factors (descendants).

How to diagnose ovarian cancer blood test can be done CA 125, pelvic examination, ultrasound scan, chest x-ray, CT or MRI scan

10. Cancer of the esophagus
Esophageal cancer often occurs in men. This is a cancer-causing nitrosamines consume (food preservative) and excessive alcohol. Cancer of the esophagus is common in people who have aged.

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