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Food dangerous when breaking fast

21 Juni 2015 | Health

Food dangerous when breaking fast. Try checking, whether the iftar menu you have a healthy or even irritate the stomach? For 6-8 hours when the stomach is empty there will be an increase in gastric acid that can cause heartburn symptoms.

Thus, note 5 dishes should be consumed wisely when breaking that we have collected from various sources:

1. Fried
Who does not like to eat fried. Fried foods often become mandatory when breaking fast. Unfortunately, health experts do not recommend these foods when breaking fast. Adverse effects of nutrition not only obesity but also made a number of organs have to work hard to process fat.

Nutritionist, Dr. dr. Saptawati Bardosono M, Sc said, when fasting, we lost a lot of carbohydrates, protein and water, but not to fat. To that end, it is not recommended to eat fried foods when breaking fast because the fat will grow and create more body fat.

2. Water Ice
On an empty stomach, drinking ice water can make the body uncomfortable. “While fasting, our body temperature warms up, so it would be better to drink warm water when breaking fast,” said Saptawati.

3. Sour and spicy food
Not only fried foods, sour and spicy, good avoided when breaking fast. The problem is, both of these foods can irritate the stomach because the stomach is empty for a long time.

Expert in internal medicine, Dr. Ari F. Sham Sp.PD said, breaking the fast with sour and spicy foods can directly damage the stomach wall.

4. Food bersantan viscous
Eating too much food when breaking fast bersantan can also increase bad cholesterol (LDL). “Coconut milk is dangerous because it contains unsaturated fats so for people with ulcers, these foods can hurt the stomach,” said Ari.

5. Meat
During fasting, we should refrain from eating some foods such as meat. According to nutritionists, Prof. Hardinsyah, meat is one of the foods that are difficult to digest.

“When compared with other foods, meat digestion process takes much longer. It causes so slow metabolism and body fat will be easy,” he said.

This does not mean you are not allowed to consume meat during fasting. We recommend the consumption of meat in the right amount and balanced with sufficient fiber intake.

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