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Gamelan heritage

3 Oktober 2012 | Culture

Gamelan heritage. Javanese Gamelan is the traditional musical masterpiece that is priceless. Although the younger generation in Central Java around me in particular are rarely interested in playing it. Why is that?

Among the younger generation, pop music and modern music of the other more interesting and stylish than the gamelan that seem ancient and classical. But for me there’s no reason not to love and learn to play it. Gamelan is the inheritance of my fathers is hard to beat in the world.

Today, gamelan is very rare in young meet. Let pengrawit classical musicians, while the musicians are a little more modern campursari can be calculated which can play gamelan.

I am very concerned to see this. In my area I’m just the only one who loves young people, training and gamelan. I myself shook his head when he saw the western nations such as America and Europe playing gamelan with fun expressions.

Try to look at how complex and unique sound of the gamelan are played together. Each type of gamelan has its own unique sound. How to play it any different between the types of gamelan with each other.

Take a look at its glossy bronze gamelan. Gamelan is made by way of manual. Although the world of technology is advancing, but gamelan can not be made with digital tools.

Gamelan is an ancient but never old gamelan. Gamelan my fathers beloved masterpiece that will never disappear. I love my ancestor’s Javanese gamelan.

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