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How to organize minimalist garden design

17 Maret 2015 | House

How to organize minimalist garden design. The house is the most comfortable place to rest. By having a beautiful home, beautiful and healthy, with green gardens can treat fatigue after a day of work. Parks is one of the most important parts of the house. With the garden of a house feel more healthy and beautiful.

In addition, the park will also help the exchange of oxygen at home. You do not need to create a garden that is great if you narrow yard, with a minimalist garden also been able to make the home look more beautiful. You can make a home garden inspiration to create a garden in your home.

Tips minimalist home gardening

Park in a minimalist home, usually there are too many plants. You can plant a tree is large enough, then on to add a few Japanese grass and small plants that you can put in the pot.

For trees, do not choose a tree that its leaves easily fall. Better to choose trees that used to park. It will make your garden look more modern and beautiful. If you are the type of person who does not have much time to take care of the garden choose plants that do not require much maintenance.

You can add a small fish pond to produce the sound of gurgling water. This sound will make the house look more calm and comfortable. Add some small rocks, for the path. This path can also be used to take a walk and your foot therapy. To park in front of the house is minimalist, you can add lights garden.

This will make the appearance of the house will look beautiful at night. Examples of widely used home garden, home garden is an example of minimalist design is simple and modern. In addition to easy maintenance, the cost is also not so much.

The most important of a garden is how to maintain. It is useless if you make a very beautiful garden, but you never care.

Flush plants in your home, at least 2 times a day. If no leaf yellowing or affected by pests, immediately treated or cleaned so that it does not spread to other parts of the leaf. Clean the garden regularly. If you can not do it alone, you can ask for help workers who now has many parks provide services.

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