Kata kerja bentuk lampau to be was dan were

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Kata kerja bentuk lampau to be was dan were. Telah kita pelajari bahwa bentuk lampau dari “to be” pada artikel Introductory there (kalimat yang diawali there), ialah: was dan were. Kali ini kita kan pelajari bentuk lampau (past tense) dari “to be + keterangan tempat”.

Subjek + was/were + keterangan tempat

Di bawah ini kita akan mencoba membandingkan to be dalam kalimat-kalimat waktu lampau dan waktu sekarang.
1. Subjek tunggal
a. Waktu sekarang
  • I am at school now.
  • You are in class at present.
  • Supriyadi is healthy now.
  • Supriyadi is in the kitchen now.
b. Waktu lampau
  • I was at home an hour ago.
  • You were in the yard just now.
  • He was sick yesterday.
  • Supriyadi was in her room this morning.
  • It was in the garden last night.
2. Subjek jamak
a. Waktu sekarang
  • You and I are in class now.
  • The children are in the field at present.
  • They are here now.
  • We are at home now.
  • The tourists are in a hotel now.
b. Waktu lampau
  • You and I were at home just now.
  • The children were in town the day before yesterday.
  • They were in Semarang yesterday.
  • We were in town this morning.
  • They were on the beach yesterday.

Bentuk negative (-) dan bentuk interrogative (?)

(+) Supriyadi was outside the house this morning.
(-) Supriyadi was not (= wasn’t) outside the house this morning.
(?) Was Supriyadi outside the house this morning?
Yes he was./Yes, he was outside the house this morning.
No, he wasn’t./No, he wasn’t outside the house this morning.
(+) The children were in the garden yesterday.
(-) The were not (= weren’t) in the garden yesterday.
(?) Were the children in the garden yesterday?

Yes, they were./Yes, there where in the garden yesterday.
No, they weren’t./ No, they wern’t in the garden yesterday.

Penggunaan kata tanya: Where-who-what-when


1. Where was your father last week?
In Semarang
He was in Semarang

2. Where were the children yesterday?
At ‘Gembira Loka’ Zoo.
They were at ‘Gembira Loka’ Zoo.

3. Who was/were at the bookshop this morning?
Supriyadi was.
Supriyadi was the bookshop this morning.

4. What was/were on the table just now?
Some books were.
Some books were on the table just now.

5. When was your father in Semarang?
Last week.
He was in Semarang last week.

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