Migraines, causes and ways of prevention

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Migraines, causes and ways of prevention. Migraine is one type of headache where pain only occurs in the head section of the course and there are also accompanied by tingling in hands and feet. This includes types of migraine disease which most commonly afflicts humans. A migraine can occur due to increased activity in the brain so that the brain undergoes a dilation of blood vessels and cut inflammation.

Migraine sufferers are usually very sensitive to strong scent, noise, smoke, etc. Most migraine sufferers are women. According to research, women are 3 times the chance to suffer from migraine than men. This is due to the increased hormone in women especially when ahead of and after menstruation, and menopause.

Causes of Migraine

There are many things that cause a migraine, which are:
1. Stress
2. Food or beverages
Too many foods use MSG, preservatives or sweeteners, and beverages containing caffeine
3. changes in sleep patterns
4. hormonal Factors for women
5. smoke

Migraines, causes and ways of prevention

The Way Of Prevention

So far the drug to cure migraine disease has not been found. But, you need not worry. Below we will provide ways to alleviate or prevent migraine:
1. Avoid consuming food that much use of artificial preservatives, artificial coloring, flavoring MSG and artificial sweeteners.
2. Keep your sugar levels in your blood
Blood sugar levels that are too low can trigger the onset of migraine. Eat regularly every 4 hours, and eat foods that are low in sugar like fruit, yogurt, or vegetables. Avoid foods that are sugar levels are too high, like sweet drinks, bread, or candy.
3. The consumption of foods that contain lots of protein, such as chicken, eggs, nuts, dairy, grains, etc.
4. avoid drinks that contain caffeine
5. Consumption of foods containing magnesium, such as oats, wheat, beans, tomatoes, green vegetables, etc.
6. Chewable ginger
Has proven that ginger can prevent inflammation, relieves nausea and alleviate migraine.
7. Avoid stress with regular sports or do yoga movement
8. Avoid close to a lot of smoke
9. Drink plenty of plain water

Drink about 2 liters of water per day. Our bodies are in dire need of water, especially the brain. Because if the brain has no water then tissues surrounding the brain will experience dehydration which can cause shrinkage of brain tissue

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