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Modern home interior design. Talk about home everyone would dream of a nice home, comfortable and safe so when fatigued after a home is only a comfortable place to rest. Modern minimalist home is an option many people due to energy efficiency in modern minimalist homes. Want to know more? Here’s his review.

The House where the family gathers, relax and rest. For it to design the House as best possible into consideration every person. Combines the functions of a room in the House could be an option that fit this modern minimalist theme.

Talking about the boundary of modern minimalist House should avoid the use of a lot boundary. For example between television room with kitchen space should not use divider room will look so spacious. just use stilts on privacy and public rooms such as the living room and television room.

Living room design ideas

Avoid furniture selection is great because it will take a lot of place, choose furniture that is petite and double so the House would not look crowded. Or you could try a new style that is Japanese so as to make the sitting room look more spacious. bright colored walls, the color of the furniture were not monotonous and the floor with the same color in each room will give the impression of spaciousness.

In addition to playing with the color of the walls and furniture try with lighting, with the use of the canopy can highlight certain parts so that it will look more spacious. keep sufficient lighting in every room so it won’t impress the dark and narrow.

Also note air vents to your comfortable residences so that air circulation is maintained and healthy besides the morning sunlight is also good for your residence so that it doesn’t look dismal so should note the influx of light rays of the Sun for it to make its Windows wide.

Impression with the addition of a wide mirror in the room can also help you in designing your dream home, minimalist, if you don’t like mirror you could try another display that can provide the same effect on the mirror.

So the discussion about “Modern home interior design“, may add to your inspiration.

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