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Narrow bedroom decorating design

18 Maret 2015 | House

Narrow bedroom decorating design. A lot of things to be aware of when we will make a narrow bedroom decorating designs on building a minimalist home. It usually becomes an obstacle for some people who live in urban areas in particular. Because of the narrow land in the city and a density of settlement is making some people must be willing to build a minimalist home.

If building a small house, automatically every room in it will have a limited area, and the bedroom is no exception.Narrow bedroom is not really being an obstacle to making it a comfortable room. By order of the decoration as well as the selection of the right components, then don’t close your bedroom will become a place that is most convenient in the world. To realize the dream of being the first to do is to define the concept of the design of the bedroom decor.

Decorating bedroom design modern minimalist concept is a choice for applicable in a narrow room. Because the concept would be more emphasis on the function of the space itself, but does not eliminate the aesthetic value on the room.

Using that concept, then it is definitely the various components and ornaments used will also be using the same concept. It aims to design a room decor can be aligned with the whole concept that is used in the room. The first thing to note is the color of the walls in the room, we can use the white color to get a wider impression in the room.

We recommend that you use furniture that has multifunctional properties. For example, use a bed that has drawers underneath to store shirts. It aims so that we don’t need to use a cupboard clothes can make the room into the narrow added.

Use the desk chair with a minimalist concept a versatile thin. And if you need a place to store books or other items of his, then please use a rack that can be applied on walls. In addition to the function to store the goods, shelves can also be ornaments to decorate the room if in place correctly.

So a bit of review on “narrow bedroom decorating Design” using modern minimalist concept. Hopefully a little above can become an extra inspiration.

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