The causes and how to cope with Pain During Menstruation

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The causes and how to cope with Pain During Menstruation. In addition to feeling abdominal pain, some women who are going through menstruation also occasionally feel pain. In fact, this is indeed a pain impact the contracting stomach muscle strain while removing the blood from the uterus (dysmenorrhea).

The muscle contraction process does not only cause tension on the abdominal muscles, but also the supporting muscles, namely; back muscles, waist, hips, and upper thighs. Does back pain will disappear in a few days, but after all the back pain can cause discomfort during menstruation and can disrupt Your daily activities.

Because Hormones
Prior to menstruation, hormones prostaglandins increases, this hormone that triggers the presence of back muscle pain during menstruation. Prostaglandins are hormones that function in triggering muscle contractions of the uterus to remove menstrual blood from inside the womb. Because of its increase is relatively high, the other body muscles tend to stiffen, including the muscles of the lower back.

No Need For Medications

Although annoying, unnecessary back pain relieved with medication, since generally the pain was not caused by anything serious. The following are some surefire tips to cope with back pain during menstruation:

1. White water consumption
You will be surprised how white water can reduce menstrual symptoms that interfere with everything, including back pain. Konsumsilah white with enough water, because during menstruation, you need to replace the lost fluids with plenty of drinking water and eating a lot of vegetables fruits also contain fluid.

2. Rest and Relax
Try to rest and relax, let your body deal with it naturally. If you are calm face of this condition, the body will be easier to make adjustments so that the pain can subside.

3. Stretching
You can do light stretching for approximately 10 minutes each day so that the muscles become relaxes muscle tension and subside.

4. Tubers turmeric Consumption regularly and periodically
To avoid pain during menstruation and other female troubles, it is worth trying the consumption of tubers turmeric regularly and periodically. Turmeric has been tested clinically can suppress inflammation (inflammation) that became a cause of pain and other problems of womanhood.

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