This danger wear the wrong size bra

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This danger wear the wrong size bra. According to research reported by, approximately 70% -80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Are you among them?

Bra is an essential garment for a woman. In addition to helping to support the breasts, the bra also provides functionality to add sexiness of a woman’s body shape. Unfortunately though important, many women are wearing the wrong size bra. And worse, many women also were let bad things that happen.

So if the hidden dangers of the use of the wrong bra?

“Wearing the wrong bra size not only make the breasts look bad but also able to put on some risk of health problems such as neck pain, shoulder, pinched nerves, and sagging breasts,” says Sammy Margo, a researcher from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

“When you’re wearing the wrong bra size, then there is the division of the area around the ribs were not right and create fulcrum in the back. So that would make her head tilted towards the rear.

If it runs continuously, it will make her feel dizzy, “he said.” The pressure on the diaphragm is continuously also able to affect your respiratory system and cause digestive problems as well. Not to mention the straps that are too tight can cause skin irritation, “he concluded.

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