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Tips for mouth does not smell when fasting

21 Juni 2015 | Health

Tips for mouth does not smell when fasting. Bad breath when fasting is one of the problems experienced by many people. Too pungent smell that can make other people or to themselves become uncomfortable when talking.

According to dentists Mia Gracia, there are some things trigger bad breath during fasting either of digestive stomach to create a gas emit less savory aroma, oral and dental problems, or problems in the nasal cavity.

To reduce odor problems arising from the teeth and mouth, there are some tips that can be done every day during the month of fasting as expressed drg. Mia Health-Liputan6.com when found in one of the practice in Central Jakarta on Thursday

1. Brushing teeth properly
After the meal and before going to bed make sure you brush your teeth properly. Neither side of the front, rear up chewing surfaces of the back teeth on the upper and lower jaw so that no food residue left on the teeth.

2. Clean between the teeth with dental floss
Leftovers that small can be left in between the teeth has the potential to cause odor. For membersihkannnya use dental floss (dental floss) of at least once a day.

3. Brush the top of the tongue
The rough surface of the tongue in the form of bumps called papillae that allow leftover food stuck on it. To get rid of it, brush the top of the tongue using a toothbrush or a special cleaning tool tongue.

4. Eat healthy foods
At the very back of the tongue, papilla bigger and potentially any leftovers that can cause bad breath. However, this section can not be cleaned with a toothbrush, by eating healthy foods can make the rest of the food carried on.

5. Drink plenty of water
Bad breath sharper when the condition of dry mouth. Therefore, make sure to consume plenty of water at the time of dawn, breaking, and at night.

6. Avoid foods that caused odor
During the fasting month try to avoid foods that cause a sharp smell like a banana or eaten after jengkol.

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